Jun 2019     Issue 10
Professor Martin D.F. Wong is new Dean of Engineering, CUHK

Professor Martin D.F. Wong is a pioneer in the field of Electronic Design Automation (EDA). EDA is an immensely important field that enables the design and manufacturing of high performance electronic systems. It manages the extremely rapid growth in complexity and scale of integrated circuits that can be composed of tens of billions of transistors. From an abstract level of description of an electronic system, EDA automates the design, testing and manufacturing of the hardware which may be an integrated circuit (IC), a sensor chip, a printed circuit board (PCB), a field programmable gate array (FPGA), a GPU, an AI chip, which exists everywhere nowadays inside computers, mobile phones, robots, cameras, 3D printers, wherever you can think of. EDA has totally transformed the ways that integrated circuits are being designed and manufactured. It is a challenging and inter-disciplinary field that brings together efforts and talents from computer scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, physicists and domain specific specialists. In the past decades, VLSI has been making progress consistently from 100nm to 7nm, and EDA design tools of this new generations of nanoscale chips play an important and absolutely indispensable role to design complex systems no matter they are electronic, nano, bio or optical. This new AI era and computer dominance generation have created exciting challenges and opportunities for EDA which provides a versatile platform to solve various kinds of problems in the design of these complex and gigantic systems today and in the future.

Professor Wong is a celebrity and an expert in the field and has published over 450 refereed articles at top journals and conferences. Professor Wong is a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for his contributions to the algorithmic aspects of EDA. His works span a wide range in EDA from logic synthesis, physical synthesis, testing to manufacturing. His rich experiences in this essential enabling technology will bring benefits to the advancement in technology of Very Large Scaled Integrated (VLSI) circuit design and manufacturing in Hong Kong and in China. EDA has become the leading tool for further scaling in technology when hardware scaling can no longer be possible. EDA, being an enabling technology, will definitely take up an important role in today's AI generation and in the future technology races.

Besides his significant contributions in research and technology advancement, Professor Wong is an inspirational educator. He has graduated 51 Ph.D. students up till now and has been a visionary supervisor with a lot of patience and kindness. With his great enthusiasm in nurturing new generations of engineers and researchers, he has been presented the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Educator Award in Computer Science at UIUC.

In the leadership of Professor Wong, we believe the Faculty of Engineering will continue to excel as a world class Faculty with excellent teaching and research professionals and high-quality research facilities, and will continue to be well recognised internationally for its excellence in engineering research that contributes to Hong Kong, China and the world.

Prof. Evangeline F. Y. Young
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Member, Editorial Board, CUE
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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