2021 Apr | Volume 185

Better CUHK Network! Upgraded WiFi & Consistent Login ID

We cannot study, teach, research, work, eat and even sleep without the Internet. To let you enjoy smooth teaching, learning and living experience, we have been upgrading our network services for better performance, security, user experience and infrastructure! 

  1. Better Classroom WiFi: Faster and More Advanced to Cope with Today Need 
    While most students were studying off campus in 2020, we have been upgrading the WiFi in classrooms and lecture theatres to prepare for your returns! The upgrade brings you faster speed, better connectivity, higher capacity and more capabilities to support other standards-based technologies with the newest Wi-Fi 6 standard (potentially 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5 in terms of speed) 

    Check out more about our latest Classroom WiFi standards. 

    Reference: Aruba’ introduction about Wi-Fi 6 (https://blogs.arubanetworks.com/solutions/5-minute-breakdown-wi-fi-6/).  

  2. Better Experience: ONE Login ID NOW for CUHK Network Services 
    Other than speed, we know convenience is also of your concern.  

    Still questioning what your Computing ID is while logging into network services? Forget about it. The following network services NOW accept your email address as your login ID. It’s just like how you log into Email, MyCUHK, Blackboard and different University systems! 

CUHK Network Service* 

Log in with 

  • WiFi 
    • CUHK 
    • CUHKa 
  • Classroom Network** 
  • Hostel Network (ResNet) 


Login ID#:  
student-ID@link.cuhk.edu.hk OR alias@cuhk.edu.hk 
Password: OnePass password 



* As a transition, the above CUHK Network Services still accept Computing ID as login ID before 28 Sep 2021 (Tue). However, this login ID change does not include CUHK WiFi Hotspot Partnership Programme (Eduroam/CSL/Y5ZONE) as it requires a separate account registration. 
**The wired classroom network i.e. ClassNet VPN will have 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on 17 May 2021 (Mon). 

Our Next Step: Better Infrastructure
 for Next Generation Campus Network 

We are moving a big step to upgrade the network backbone and introducing the latest technologies, standards and industrial practices this summer. Our target is not only about speed and capacity improvement, but also a better service management and monitoring to enhance its stability and security. Learn more about this project at ITSC Website. 

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Better CUHK Network! Upgraded WiFi & Consistent Login ID

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