2020 Jun | Volume 182

To Do List for Graduates-to-be

Here is the checklist for those who are graduating this summer: 

  1. Opt in lifelong email service - @Link for Alumni to enjoy @Link and OneDrive after graduation and keep the files you currently stored there 
  1. Back up your data on various CUHK applications and platforms before leaving the University. Particularly 
  1. If you have not completed or do not complete the @Link opt-in above before graduation, you MUST back up all emails and files in @Link mailbox and OneDrive and cancel any email forwarding rule within. 
  1. The materials in Blackboard are only for CUHK students' reference and should not be used for other purposes. 

After graduation, you can stay with CUHK by enjoying a range of internet services for alumni, including: 

  • MyCUHK – One-stop Online Alumni Services 
  • Free E-mail Forwarding Address Service 
  • Free lifetime @Link E-mail Service if you have opted in 
  • Free Campus Wi-Fi 

The Checklist for Final Year Students: https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/user-trainings/i-want-to/chklist-grad  
Alumni Account:https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/all-it/accounts-and-access/alumni-account  

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