Chiang, L. H. N. (2018). The cultural adaptation of early Hong Kong immigrants in Taiwan. Hong Kong: Occasional Paper No. 239, HKIAPS.


Center for Housing Innovations

Tsou, J. Y., Li, X., Tsou, K., & He, J. H. (2018, June). Mechanism of housing-related urban heat island formation and dynamic in high-density urban context: A study of Hong Kong. Paper submitted to the 17th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering, Tampere, Finland.

Tsou, J. Y., Li, X., Tsou, K., He, J. H., & Pan, D. X. (2018, June). Detect relationship between urban housing development and urban heat island dynamic in hyper-density Hong Kong by integrating GIS and RS techniques. Paper submitted to the 25th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering, Lausanne, Switzerland.


Centre for Social and Political Development Studies




Centre for Youth Studies


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