Jan 2019     Issue 9
PhD Students from Multimedia Lab Win MSCOCO Challenge
A team of four Information Engineering PhD students – Kai Chen, Jiaqi Wang, Yu Xiong and Xiaoxiao Li – participated in the MSCOCO challenge 2018, the most prestigious contest in the area of computer vision. The team, 'MMDet', won first place in the Detection track, reflecting their state-of-the-art solution. 
Jiaqi Wang and Yu Xiong are supervised by Prof. Dahua Lin, while Xiaoxiao Li is supervised by Prof. Sean Tang.  Kai Chen is co-supervised by both professors.
Follow their performance on the Detection Leaderboard:
http://cocodataset.org/#detection-leaderboard (SEGM / Chal18), or find out more details about the MSCOCO Challenge here: http://cocodataset.org

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