Jan 2017     Issue 3
CUHK Team won the Engineering Medical Innovation Global Competition (EMedic Global 2016)
A CUHK team formed by students from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering (Mr. LAU Ka Chun and Miss LEUNG Yun Yee Esther) and Department of Surgery won the Gold Award, the Technical Challenge Award and the Best Hong Kong Team Award at the Engineering Medical Innovation Global Competition (EMedic Global 2016) for the project of "Surgical Robotic System for Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection".

Flexible endoscopy has emerged as a technique not only to inspect gastrointestinal (GI) disorders but also to provide therapeutic management of early GI cancers and other digestive diseases.  Surgical procedures can be performed by introducing flexible tools through the working channel of an endoscope to reach the site of interest without the need for creating an opening in the patients' body, greatly reducing the pain associated with opening procedures and speeding up the subsequent recovery.  However, the lack of maneuverability of endoscopic platforms and tools makes it technically challenging to perform complex surgical procedures such as dissection and suturing. In view of this challenge, the project is aimed at developing a highly maneuverable two-arm endoscopic surgical robotic system for digestive diseases.  The goal is to enable surgeons to perform sophisticated surgical procedures with high accuracy and an elevated surgical safety and success rate. Presently, they have fabricated two robot arms of 3.8mm diameter each with a total of 9 degree of freedoms capable of conducting simple surgical procedures such as tissue retraction.  Other types of grippers, electrocautery knives and injectors can also be selectively installed to serve various surgical needs.

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