Aug 2016     Issue 2
Top prizes at "Challenge Cup" National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final

The "Challenge Cup" National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final – Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2016 was held in the Science Park on 22 June this year. A total of 14 teams of CUHK students, including 11 from the Faculty of Engineering, swept the top awards, receiving the highest share of awards in the competition.

More than 200 students from 13 tertiary institutions submitted a total of 103 projects for the competition, which was organized by the Hong Kong New General Cultural Association. The winning teams will represent Hong Kong at the biennial "Chuang Qing Chun" National Entrepreneurship Competition 2016. The competition will feature two categories, namely "Innovation" and "Entrepreneurship".

The top prize winners were Mr. CHEN Jianwei from Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Mr. KUO Wai Keung, a graduate of the Department of Information Engineering, and Mr. LAU Pak Lam, a graduate from Department of Finance. They also received first-class awards in the groups 'Mechanics and Control Systems' and 'Newly Established Enterprise" respectively.

The invention of a Nano imprinting System by Mr. CHEN Jianwei provides a new nano manufacturing platform featuring low costs and highly efficient techniques that can be applied in various industrial and research applications.

Mr. KUO Wai Keung and Mr. LAU Pak Lam established R-Guardian Limited in 2015. Their project involves the installation of Bluetooth devices in handbags and wallets. Featuring a tailor-made module for mobile applications, the device can help users to avoid the loss of valuable items.


Selected list of award-winning projects by students from the Faculty of Engineering:


Name of Project

Name of Students

Affiliated Department

Category: Innovation

Top Prize and First-Class

Development of a Vacuum Nanoimprinting System for Low-cost Parallel Nanomanufacturing

CHEN Jianwei

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


VibroSAC—A Smart Cushion with Intermittent Vibration for Lowering Buttock Pressure Ulcers Risk

LIU Shiyue, YAO Yifei, JIANG Baiyan

Biomedical Engineering Programme


Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring System from Face Recognition

LO Po Wen, WANG Chaoqun

Department of Electronic Engineering


Jamming integrated compliant compressor for SBRT immobilization

Zhou Xi, Wang Ji, Li Chenglin, Wang Dien

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


A novel supramolecular hydrogel with enhanced mechanical properties

LAU Wing Yee

Biomedical Engineering Programme


Unmanned Wireless Underwater Photography Submarine

ZHANG Yuanming      

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


A 3D-Printable, Servo-Motor Driven, Hingeless Prosthetic Hand Under US $100

CHAN Sau Kin

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Category: Entrepreneurship

Top Prize and First-Class

R-Guardian-Smart Personal belongings solution

KUO Wai Keung, LAU Pak Lam

Department of Information Engineering; Department of Finance in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis



WANG Chak Wai William, MUI Ka Chiu James, NG Cheuk Ming Harrison

Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science; Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis; Department of Computer Science and Engineering



VONG Chi Ian, LIU Wai Shing

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


Smart Health & Fitness Device

ZHOU Li, QIN Lai Yin, MA Hao, ZHONG Chun Hao

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering; Department of Biomedical Engineering




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