2021 Apr | Volume 185

Diversified Lab Facilities to Support Multimedia & Special Educational Needs

At ITSC, we strive to provide students with modern and easy-to-access tools to support their learning needs. A Multimedia Workstation equipped with selected apps from Adobe Creative Cloud is now available in User Area, 1/F Pi Ch’iu Building.  Sign in the app using your own Adobe ID and start transforming your ingenious idea into reality! 

Moreover, we worked closely with the Office of Student Affairs to provide Barrier-Free Workstations for special educational needs.  Equipped with large print keyboardslarge monitor, professional screen reader and OCR software, these workstations make learning resources more accessible to individuals with vision or mobility challenges.  Please visit User Areas(1/F, Pi Ch’iu Building) and Learning Commons (6/F, WMY Building) where barrier-free access is available. 

Image Source: https://stevenqueiruga.com/adobe-icons/ 

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Diversified Lab Facilities to Support Multimedia & Special Educational Needs

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